Touch Lantern

I created an antique-style lantern, that is activated by touch.

I wanted to make a nice bedside lamp for my mother, with the technology hidden away inside a rustic design. I used a 120V relay and an ATtiny85 to control the light bulb using capacitive touch. The finished lamp can be turned on and off my tapping the metal frame around the lantern.

The bottom half of the lamp (dark green) is a candle holder / lantern. The upper half (yellow and bronze) is a decorative oil lamp. I bolted the two together, and added an electric candle to the upper half for the illumination.

The electronics are inside the lower half. The central component is an ATtiny85, a tiny microprocessor that runs a little bit of code. All of the bronze metal pieces are internally wired to a capactive sensing circuit (similar to the fork). When the code detects a change in capacitance (a human touching the frame), it toggles the state of an output pin, which in turn switches a high-voltage relay on or off. This relay controls the candle bulb.