I built and sold around 200 of these custom controller boards. These boards provide a plug-and-play solution for paintball players who want to build their own paintball sentry gun.

I sold around 200 of these boards, originally soldering them by hand, and later using American Circuits for manufacturing and assembly. The board itself communicated with a computer over a USB connection. It takes a power supply input, and drives three servo motors - one for pan, one for tilt, and one to squeeze the trigger of the paintball gun. In addition, the board provides a wiring interface for guns with an electronic trigger. The design is based on an ATmega328 microcontroller and and FT232RL USB to serial converter. I went through eight iterations of the design over about two years.

Before I contracted assembly out to a manufacturer, I assembled about 90 of these boards by hand, using solder paste stenciling, tweezers, and a hot plate.  The boards were sold as part of a kit (along with servos and cables), or optionally, by themselves.

This controller is made to work with Project Sentry Gun, one of my longer-running projects. My open-source code and custom controller hardware is used for training by the St. Louis Police Dept and the Royal Australian Navy, among others.

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Instructional and demo videos. 1.1 million views.


The Project Sentry Gun website has instructions, code, and a large user forum.