Graphic Design

Drafting a magazine advertisement for Swell Bottle.


Wireless Charger

A quick project to make a wood housing for a wireless charging pad. I purchased a $15 Qi PCB and coil from Alibaba, and milled out a block of pine to mount the electronics.


Nightscape Geocache

A sophisticated puzzle-style nighttime geocache, integrating electronics with a GPS puzzle hunt, in the woods. This geocache had 21 stages. Each one led to the next. They varied from solar-powered lights and sounds, to keypads, a radio station, a radio-triggered light, reflectors, and electronic puzzle boxes. Some geocachers traveled from out-of-state specifically to do this geocache.



Eagle Scout Project

For my Eagle Scout project, I stripped and re-stained a footbridge in a local park. I also did a cleanup of the pond, cleared out an invasive species that was taking over parts of the bank, and re-planted the bank with blueberry bushes and various aquatic plants.






Fork-Controlled Lights

I set up a relay with some homebrew capacitive touch sensing to turn our string lights on and off. I used a fork for the touch sensor.


Rube Goldberg

A class project where we had to get a golf ball from one side of the box to the other in exaclty 60 seconds (points were deducted for a time above or below 60 sec). To get the timing just right, the entire thing was controlled by a microcontroller. As the ball entered the first side, it tripped a laser-photocell gate. If any of the processes had run quicker or slower than they were supposed to, the microcontroller compensated by adjusting the rate at which the golf ball was lifted in the last step. At exactly 60 seconds, the ball was released by solenoids at the other side. Everything in the middle was just for show.


Coil Gun

I built this with a friend to win a bet. We wound 18 AWG wire around a PVC pipe to create the gun and barrel, and used a car battery to power it. The triggering and current pulse was timed by an Arduino circuit and relay. The projectile was an 8d nail.


Electric Geocache

A design that I did for my Nightscape Geocache. It is relatively simple - the finder enters a password on the keypad, and then the display shows a set of GPS coordinates. It is designed to last in an outdoor environment for multiple years on a single battery.


Infinity Mirrors

I used a mirror, glass, some one-way reflective film, and LED's to create a cool "infinity" effect behind the glass of these mirrors. Although there is only a single ring of LED's, the back-and-forth reflection between the back and front layers creates a three-dimensional depth effect, which appears to recede into the wall behind the mirror.