'86 Jaguar Restoration

I bought a non-driving Jaguar XJ6 and restored it to its original condition.

When I bought it, only five of the six cylinders were firing, the exhaust system had rusted away, the tires were rotted, the radiator leaked, it was running way too rich, the front shock bushings rattled when it drove over bumps, the brakes pulsed, and most of the electrical system was dead. Not to mention, when it went over 20mph a terrible grinding noise came from the back of the car. I had to tow it home.

I took the summer to fix these problems one by one:

  • Throttle body cleaning, idle tuning, timing adjustment
  • Cut out and replaced right front shock absorber, new front shock bushings 
  • New exhaust system (pipes, mufflers, resonators, all mounting hardware), stainless steel mufflers
  • Mounted and balanced new tires
  • Removed old leaky radiator, installed replacement
  • Air Conditioning conversion to R134A (modern) coolant
  • Replaced spark plugs, wires, ignition coil, distributor cap, and rotor
  • Cleaned out all fuel injectors, replaced cold start fuel injector
  • New coolant temp sensor, oxygen sensor, K&N air filter, fuel filter
  • New oil & filter, brake fluid, differential fluid
  • New rear brake pads, headlamp bulbs, wiper blades