A working version of the classic Battleship board game - complete with fireballs, floating boats, and explosion noises.

The players input their moves on a touch-sensitive grid, and press a large arcade button to fire. If the move is a miss, they hear a missile launch followed by a splashing sound, and the corresponding scoreboard space lights up white. If the move is a hit, the opposing player's boat emits a real fireball in sync with a loud explosion sound, and the scoreboard space lights up red. 

The boats are CNC-milled out of foam. They float in seven inches of water, and each contains two or three fireball shooters. The fireballs are produced using flash cotton and flash paper, electrically ignited by glow plugs, and shoot out of short copper tubes built into the deck of the boats. The scoreboard contains a grid of 100 red and white LEDs controlled by a bank of shift registers. Underneath the tubs of water, an audio amplifier and a pair of powerful speakers reproduces missile noises and explosions, fading the audio effects across from one player's side to the other's as the missile 'flies' across the game board.

This project was built in one week for CMU's Build18 hackathon.

Collaborators: Alyssa Meyer, Kiran Pandit